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Dental crowns are a very popular form of treatment for various dental issues.

Same day crowns have also grown in their popularity due to the benefits that they bring to the table. The procedure is offered by credible dentists all over the world. In fact, you can easily find a reliable dentist in Columbus, MS, with ample experience in this form of dental treatment.

While you can get same day crowns easily, it may sometimes become a bit daunting to understand how they work and what would you need to do to care for them. To help simplify this process, here is a brief introduction of how same day crowns could help, and how you can implement post-procedure care routines.

When Do I Need a Same Day Crown?

In the past few years, dental crowns have grown to become a common treatment method for a variety of dental issues. Made from special material, these dental coatings could cover your teeth effectively, making it appear picture perfect even after an invasive procedure.

They can effectively cover discolored or decayed teeth. They can treat tooth gaps (diastemata) with strategic placement. And they could also be utilized to safeguard teeth after dental treatments such as root canals.

Sometimes, these treatments have to be performed on an immediate basis. While on other occasions, you may just want to save time and have your dental procedures performed as soon as possible.

Same day crowns are made at the dentist’s office instead of a lab. This makes sure that you don’t have to wait for days in order to get your crowns placed. This is especially helpful in cases where you need crowns immediately, such as following the emergency treatment of root canals.

How Do I Care for a Same Day Crown?

While getting a same day crown is easy and only takes a couple of hours, caring for it could seem worrisome.

But it is actually not that difficult if you understand the fundamentals.

When you get a same day crown, it takes some time for it to “bond” with your teeth. During this time, you need to stay away from certain practices and foods.

In terms of practices, make sure that you are avoiding anything that could cause the crown to shift from its place. Biting your nails is a big no. And so is grinding your teeth.

What Can I Eat After a Same Day Crown?

You should avoid a number of foods while your dental crown bonds with your tooth. Thankfully, it is not a long list, and you can categorize the foods easily.

These foods include:

  • Ice, even if chewing on it may sound enticing in hot weather.
  • Hard vegetables, such as carrots.
  • Food that is very hot or very cold.
  • Sugary foods and drinks, such as candy or soda.
  • Sticky foods, such as taffy.
  • Crunchy foods, such as peanuts.

Staying away from these foods ensures that you don’t cause your same day crown to shift from its place. It helps with sensitivity issues. And it also helps you recover from procedures such as root canals quickly.

Make sure that you are practicing your usual dental hygiene regime such as brushing your teeth and flossing them regularly. For specific care tips, ensure to talk to your dentist at PSC Dental.

And if you face any issues in terms of taking care of your crowns, make sure to reach out to your dentist at PSC Dental immediately.

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