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Children’s Dentistry

Our offices family welcomes young patients, providing a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. Our staff makes every effort to ensure that all patients, but especially children visiting for the first time, feel comfortable and are educated about the dental treatment they will be receiving. Our office recommends that parents or caregivers bring a child In for their first dental visit by the age of 3 when most or all primary teeth have erupted. These early visits are very important, often laying the foundation for a lifetime of good oral habits and a healthy smile. We will evaluate your child’s oral health to look for any signs of decay and assess the bite to ensure proper development of the permanent teeth down the road.



The Importance of Primary Teeth: In addition to facilitating a healthy diet for your growing child, the primary teeth serve several important functions in their overall development:

Placeholders for permanent teeth: the position of the primary teeth can predict possible problems with permanent teeth Affect speech development: primary teeth affect tongue movement and clarity as your child’s speech develops Children who learn early on the benefits of keeping the teeth and gums clean with daily oral hygiene and routine dentistry often experience better dental health as adults. During early visits our staff will take the time to teach age-appropriate teeth brushing and flossing skills, encouraging them to play a role in the care of their smile.

Preventing Tooth Decay:

In Children Tooth decay and cavities remain prevalent today, even among the youngest patients. This can be a genetic predisposition to gum disease or decay but is typically the result of a diet rich in sugar and poor oral hygiene. The common habit of allowing children to sip slowly on sweet drinks enables harmful bacteria to build up and remain on tooth surfaces, leading to decay and even gum disease in small children. Limiting the consumption of juices and sodas and rinsing the mouth after drinking them with water can help to greatly reduce the incidence of tooth cavities that need a filling. PSC also recommends that parents supervise their children’s teeth brushing until they are of late elementary school age and able to fully understand how to brush their teeth effectively. Using a fluoride. ADA approved toothpaste is also important to ensure the best results from at home oral hygiene. During your visit, our staff can make personalized recommendations for your child to address any individual concerns or needs when it comes to making daily oral care easy and fun!

Children’s Dental Services that our family dentist office provides the comprehensive range of dental services necessary to keep smiles of ALL ages healthy and functional.

Our children’s services include:

  • Dental sealants Fillings Extractions Custom sports mouth guards Orthodontic Space Maintainers.
  • Our goal is to help your child enjoy a healthy smile through both high-quality-dental care and a well-informed at home hygiene routine.



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