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Complete Smile Reconstruction

People suffer from poor oral health due to a number of reasons such as traumatic injury. Years of neglect, or ill-fated heredity. Therefore we understand that smile reconstructions involve as much of an emotional component as it does a physical one. At PSC Dentistry we use the utmost care to calm any anxieties and to have each patient feel comfortable for this process. The decision to undergo complete smile reconstruction is invaluable as patients walk away with an entirely new smile and restored self-confidence and appearance.

The process of comprehensive smile restoration is very involved and requires thoughtful planning and precise attention to detail in order to achieve a highly aesthetic, healthy, functional, and long lasting result. Comprehensive smile restoration is systematic and uniquely tailored to meet each patient’s needs. Often, a variety of dental disciplines is required to fully reconstruct the mouth to optimal health. Cosmetics and function.

Our team provides expertise both general and cosmetic dentistry and are able to attend to any dental needs your smile reconstruction may require. We emphasize optimal esthetics in all of our work and want you to have the smile you always dreamed of.

Implications of Poor Oral Health

Poor oral health has a profoundly negative effect on your overall physical well-being. This becomes increasingly evident as we age and become vulnerable to a slew of medical conditions and health problems.

A poor bite may result in an inability to chew or in painful jaw joints and muscles. There may be an advanced bone loss as a result of missing teeth for many years. Inability to chew can result in poor nutrition and digestive disorders. Unhealthy mouths have been linked to heart disease, stroke. Diabetes. anhritis. Cancer and problems during pregnancy. It is never too late to restore your teeth to full health and function! Unattended dental problems have serious effects later on in life.

No matter the cause, if you suffer as a result of complex dental problems, our office has the ability and expertise to reconstruct your entire smile and provide you with superior health, cosmetics, and function. We years of experience and advanced professional training translate into maximum confidence for her patients. Utilizing the latest in technology, our experienced team can rebuild the beautiful smile you deserve to enjoy.

We know that when your smile looks fantastic, you feel great about yourself and have renewed confidence! All this can be done with a comfortable. Anxiety-free approach to your care. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain exceptional oral health, and to offer a superb and comfortable dental experience!

No matter how complex your dental condition, we can help you achieve and maintain exceptional oral health!

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