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Everyone is looking for ways to improve their smiles these days. One of the quickest and most popular ways to brighten up one’s pearly whites is through teeth whitening. Many in the Columbus, MO area are tempted to use at-home methods as opposed to seeking out a dentist for professional teeth whitening systems thinking it will save them money, but that isn’t always the case. Before you decide for yourself, take into account the following and consider the lasting effects of different teeth whitening methods.

In-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

There are a few options for in-home teeth whitening – this includes rinses, toothpaste, whitening strips, and trays. These methods offer a variety of results, as they have varying levels of potency and longevity.

Rinses and toothpastes only make contact with the teeth for a matter of minutes, and are therefore really only suited for removing surface stains. These products are more ideal for maintaining whitening efforts as opposed to creating lasting results.

Whitening strips and trays will remove a fair amount of staining. Results are more noticeable and seen within a few days of use, but still can’t penetrate to the level that professional teeth whitening systems can. Even with this better outcome, results only last around four months, which means you have to be committed to investing time and money into these kits many times throughout the year.

Professional Teeth Whitening

When you head to your dentist for professional teeth whitening, you’re investing in an immensely longer term solution. At Porter, Singley, and Crane Family Dentistry, we are able to use a more highly concentrated whitening solution on your teeth, meaning you get quicker, brighter, longer-lasting results.

This is because dentists use trays specially fitted to your individual mouth. Your dentist also monitors the process to ensure safety and adjust treatments, and they often use a laser treatment to really power whiten teeth. These methods mean teeth whitening goes much deeper than just the surface stains on teeth.

With deeper, more penetrating teeth whitening, comes longer lasting results. The majority of patients who receive professional teeth whitening treatments maintain outcomes a minimum of one to three years, with roughly half sustaining results for 9 to 12 years.

While there may be some initial appeal to cut corners and whiten your teeth at home, there are definite benefits to seeking out a dentist in your local Columbus area for professional teeth whitening. It is the best route if you wish to maintain long term results from your teeth whitening. Contact us to make an appointment today. 

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